Pride class
Faction UEF
Domain Land/Sea
Type Multirole Heavy assault tank
Role spearhead/heavy defense
Tech unknown
Weight heavy
Nickname Pride class
Height 60 meters tall, 120 meters long
Weight 700,000 tons
Weaponry heavy missile, Flak cannons, nuetron cannons, machine guns, running things over
Defense Flak cannons, light shields.
Additional Equipment. Can have flak cannons replaced by missile banks, can upgrade hover drive for increased speed
Capacity test version has a crew of two, will have crew of zero upon release

The UEF Prototype Amphibious Hover Tank: Pride class, nicknamed the Pride Class, is a UEF unit. This is a direct fire, indirect fire, and amphibious unit.


The Pride Class was designed to take on Aerial and Naval units from a distance, and to be used as a speahead in close range Land operations. Its main feature (which the rest of the chasis was built around) is Punisher missile launcher, which has been modified to fire a torpedo/low range missile. The flak cannons have massive barrels for extended range. It is best used in large bodies of water, or on top of large canyons so its missile has extra range. The four hyper-neurtron batteries are used against small land units. It has 6 tactical missile banks along the sides.


The Pride Class was built to function In both land and water, with most weapons being meant for surface and land operation. The main missile rig functions under water.



The flak cannnons are designed to fire a large cloud of darts, each of which has a length of 3 feet. These are capable of shredding most air craft, and can be lowered into short range cannons


The flak cannons are designed to take out air units. THe neutron cannons used compressed Tritium, which is  reacted in a way creating a highly concentrated beam of neutrons, which fires twice due to how the barrel is deigned. Its purpose is to take out light ground.










Squad dynamicsEdit


The Pride Class was developed after the first UEF/Deep Hunters conflict. The UEF were attempting to colonize an ocean world with unusually rich mass deposits, which had been home to a mid-size Deep Hunter colony for several hundered years. When the UEF told the Deep Hunters to either leave or be destroyed, the Deep Hunters attacked back, and used their superior Naval and Aerial fighters crushed the UEF forces before reinforcements could arrive, and the UEF were forced to retreat. Embarrassed, the Commander in charge of that operation realized that the standard UEF suite was inefficient at dealing with the higher tier Deep Hunter naval units, and that if he didn't do something about his defeat at the hands of "primitive fish-bugs," he would soon loose his command position. 

The Pride Class was developed in a large design firm, where it was built and tested. It was found to be particularly resistant to falling very long distances when a strap on the transport it was on snapped, and dumped it down half a mile from the test site. It survived with only minor damage. The design originally featured a main cannon that could rotate up and down, but this was scrapped when the only place it could be mounted was accidentally blocked off but the main turret, and has been reinforced to give greater fire power.

Tactical notesEdit