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Faction Cybran
Domain Multi-role weapon utilized by ACU units
Type ACU
Role Handheld superweapon
Tech EX
Weight Heavy
Nickname Zapper, Rod from God, ODIN, Big Brother
Height Designed to fit the hands of an ACU
Weight 2,500 tonnes
Weaponry Heavy Artillery


Defense Autoloading magazine

Integrated match trigger

Additional Equipment.
Capacity 1 commander


The VX-70 SEPPS, is a Cybran ACU handheld superweapon, manufactured by Tactis Armory and developed to fit the massive hands of the average ACU unit. Being a weapon the size of an average office building, the SEPPS is generally no joke, and is capable of destroying a populated area the size of an Earth city with a single shot.


The VX-70 SEPPS, or Synchronized Electromagnetic Palladium Platform System, is a massive railgun that requires an unblocked, 100% sync rate with a specialized ISIS satellite in order to track targeting. Once the target is locked, the VX-70 charges a 2500mm palladium-laced tungsten sabot. Once the charge within the Wasp is ignited, the weapon fires the sabot through a friction-less barrel. This results in extreme speeds, so much that a barrel-mounted flap meant to function as a rail sight automatically shields the pilot and the ACU from nuclear blowback. A single Wasp round can cause an earthquake lasting weeks, and when placed properly, potentially can obliterate 75% of an entire enemy army.


Due to the Wasp's dangerously immense power, the SEPPS has often come under fire from liberals and received shakedowns from reporters and journalists who claim that the weapon goes against traditional values, claiming that it could easily be used to start war from thousands of kilometers away. Gustaf Brackman is regularly credited for its inception; the scientist has always remained mum on the subject.