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Motherfucking Coyote Tango as a motherfucking ACU. Nuff said.
Void Hunter ACU
Early Void Hunter ACU
Faction Void Hunters
Domain Amphibious Walker
Type ACU
Role Command Unit
Tech EX
Weight Heavy
Nickname Mercs
Height 110 Meters
Weight Heavy
Weaponry Light Artillery


Defense Heavy Armour

Nanobot Regen

Additional Equipment. Optional
Capacity 1 Commander

Optional: 10 Passengers

The Void Hunter ACU, is a Void Hunter unit. This is a Command unit.


The Void Hunter ACU is a fearsome unit, as is any Armoured Command Unit or equivalent of it.


The ACU is not designed for early combat, as unless the "Jury-Rig" upgrades are used, it's only weapons are manual control (punching the enemy) or the Light Mortars, which aren't efficently accurate against moving targets.


As all Command Units, the Void Hunter ACU can be upgraded with a variety of weapons systems both offensive and defensive.


The Void Hunter ACU features heavy armour, although without upgrades its standard value is the same as a Cybran Blackops-Class ACU.


Mortars: long range weapons that can be fired in direct or indirect arcs at the target.

SAMs: See upgrades.


Unarmed Combat: as with most ACUs the Commander can take direct control of the unit through Mimic and simply beat their opponent to death. This is highly ill-advised, however, and is only to be used as a last resort.


Aside from the stock-standard Mortars, the ACU can be upgraded with a variety of weapons.


Mortars: See above.

Flamethrowers: See upgrades.

Missile-Launcher Backpack: See upgrades.


Unarmed Combat: See above.





Squad dynamicsEdit


Unlike the standard ACUs, the Void Hunters have an option for miscellaneous upgrades that don't have any centralised area. One example of this is the "Jury-Rig" upgrades. These Misc. upgrades are quick, cheap, and easily exchangeable at the cost of providing benefits that are hardly comparable to full-sized upgrades.

Left ArmEdit

Tech 2 Engineering Suite: What it says on the tin. Can be combined with the Right Arm Engineering upgrades for enhanced build speed. Provides light HP/Regen bonus.

  • Tech 3 Engineering Suite: See above.  

Right ArmEdit

Tech 2 Engineering Suite: What it says on the tin. Can be combined with the Left Arm Engineering ugrades for enhanced build speed. Provides light HP/Regen bonus.

  • Tech 3 Engineering Suite: See above.


Advanced Resource Generator: Provides a huge boost to the ACU's Mass/Energy production. Note: time-consuming upgrade.

  • Advanced Resource Generator Refining: See above. Upgrades ACU Mass/Energy production even further.
  • Dual-Core Resource Generator: Doubles the ACU's Mass/Energy production. Note: Due to the Dual-Core tech, the ACU's armour value is lowered to compensate for Core Instability and chance of achieving Critical Mass. Use with caution.

Enhanced Armour Alloys: Provides a massive boost to ACU structural integrity. Also adds four SAM missile tubes to the ACU's shoulders.

  • Advanced Armour Alloys: See above. Also boosts the ACU's Nanobot hive regen systems greatly.
  • Structural Integrity Field Refinement: Provides small boost to the ACU's armour value. Adds TMRD and enhances the regen rate.


Jury-Rigged Missile Launcher: Acts much like the UEF ACU's Missile-Backpack upgrade, although it is fully-automatic and fires the same missiles as the Cybran Viper T2 MML. Can store up to ten tracking missiles. Mortars modified to become missile launcher tubes.

Jurry-Rigged Flamethrowers: Mortars moved to ACU forearm attachments and converted to flamethrowers. Close-range weapon good for dealing with T1 Swarms. Units that get away will continue to remain on fire for a good while before it goes out or is put out by an engineer repairing it or it becomes submerged.

Jury-Rigged Plasma Cannons: Mortars converted into Plasma Cannons, and their mounting is moved closer to the shoulders of the ACU for greater manoeuvrability. They appear to be the same type of cannons used by the UEF Titan Heavy Assault Bot. This is a notably more expensive Jury-Rigged weapons upgrade.

Jury-Rigged Gauss Cannons: Mortars converted into Gauss Cannons, and their mounting is moved closer to the shoulders of the ACU for greater manoeuvrability. This weapon is good for rate of fire and AOE damage.


Void Hunter VS Xegnathi

An exceedingly low-quality remake of the famous "Xeg-Stomp" committed by Commander Talos on an outdated breed of Xegnathi Queen

Commander Talos once famously finished a battle with a Xegnathi infestation by stomping on the Queen's head. 
"Bug off. "
―Commander Talos, finishing off the Xegnathi Queen

Tactical notesEdit

The ACU is even less durable for early-battle combat than normal ACUs and is more orientated towards setting up a quick economy than start a rush.

If such a situation does arise, the "Jury-Rig" upgrades can become a Commander's best friend.



A model toy of a Void Hunter ACU


A model souvenir of a Void Hunter ACU


Fanart of a Void Hunter ACU about to fire an Overcharged Mortar Blast