Wei Li
Species Human
Full name Wei Li
Aliases Goggles
Allignment UEF
Rank Elite Commander
Gender Male
Age Chronological: 92

Appearance: 32

Status Alive
Body type Unknown
Height 1.9 Meters
Weight 78.55 Kilograms
Relationships Unknown Birth Parents

Unknown Aeon Foster Parent

Unknown UEF Foster Parents

Military Status Active
Born 3751
Died N/A
Record Unknown
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Wei Li is a secret follower of The Way and one of the youngest Elite ACU Commanders of the United Earth Federation to date

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

Wei was born as an UEF orphan and was adopted by a member of an Aeon Illuminate at a young age, for the next decade, Wei was taught about The Way and became a devoted follower even though he knew the consequences if someone knew about it. One day Wei's foster parent died of natural cause and he was raised by another foster family but were part of the UEF, when Wei was old enough he joined the UEF military.

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Major Event 2Edit

Current StatusEdit



Faction relationsEdit

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Wei is a friendly guy who is kind to anyone regardless if there aliens or not, being a follower of The Way made Wei a peaceful person but is still willing to fight.

In battle, Wei fights with confidence and cunning being able to fight to the last without retreating and managing to outsmart many of his opponents.






Parts of Wei Li's personality is based on God of godzilla in real life