Wei Li's ACU
Faction UEF
Domain Land(amphibious)
Type ACU
Role Multi-Purpose
Tech EX
Weight Heavy
Nickname Killalot Titan
Height 100 Meters
Weight 100,000 tons
Weaponry Various Weapons
Defense Various Defenses
Additional Equipment. Various Equipment
Capacity 1-Commander
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Wei Li's ACU, nicknamed The Killalot Titan is a custom UEF Armored Command Unit that is completely personalized by Wei Li.


Bulit with balanced stats in mind, the Killalot Titan was a jack of all trades kind of ACU and it couldn't be piloted anyone but Wei and the Virtual Intellegence in his goggles.






After being promoted as an Elite Commander, Wei Li ditched the standard ACU model and built his own one by scratch. Unknown on where Wei gets the resources to build it but it is known that all the componets and such were made and sold by a high tech and wealthy company and the ACU was finally built on Wei's home planet.

Tactical notesEdit