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Species Xegnathi
Territory {{{territory}}}
Government Hive mind
Current leader Control Brain; Hive Queens
Population Unknown
Founded Unknown
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Allies N/A due to attitude
Enemies N/A due to attitude
Available Land





Air: T3

Sea: T3

Land: T3

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Strategy Numerical superiority
- Defensive: {{{defensive}}}
- Offensive: Swarm assault


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First ContactEdit

Also known as the Kylor 6 Massacre. This was the first known contact with the Xegnathi, by the current Archives. It is unknown at the time if the Xegnathi were the aggressors on Kylor 6, acting in self-defence against the locals, or operating under a completely different motive.

Whatever the case, initial expectations from the species and polities of the galactic community following this event were that the Xegnathi would be the kind of race seen in the "Bug War" conflicts of human science fiction: a vicious, primal force controlled by an overwhelming desire to devour all organic matter and convert it into more Xegnathi. However this proved to be far from the case.


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Tech 1Edit

Standard breeding pits (factories) and resource generators

Biomass converters: Essential to Xegnathi economy, these convert raw mass into usable biomass.

Tech 2Edit

name pending: Missile defence. Releases volleys of spores at high speed which emit a bizarre signal to disrupt and self-destruct enemy tactical missiles.

Tech 3Edit

name pending: Artillery.

Heavy Seeder: Essentially a breeding pit with a large cannon-like appendage attached to the top, the Heavy Seeder projects support troops and support hubs across the battlefield on ballistic trajectories to help out advancing forces.


Tech 1Edit

Worker: Engineer. A simple creature, its body composed of little more than a large biomass spray and a few telekinetic manipulators to serve as the organic equivalent of a Protocrafter, mounted on twelve legs.

Fighter: Light assault bug. Essentially four long legs, a pair of sharp piston-like stabbing arms and a round body to join that together, the Fighter is designed for one thing only: frontal assault in overwhelming numbers. Not to be confused with the Soldier and Warrior strains, which unlike the Fighter are fully sapient and capable of acting for themselves.

Tech 2Edit

Name pending: Heavily armoured snail-like creature.

Tech 3Edit

Skarosaurus: Assault Bug, devised as an analogue to Siege Assault Bots.

Pulsar: Ligtning Bug. Shoots bursts of lightning from bioelectricity organs. Upon death, these organs explode and release powerful electromagnetic and electrostatic forces.

Durator: Mobile bomb. Unlike most other suicide forces in ACU warfare which tend to be expendable and best used in numbers, the ironically-named Durator is employed for one-off assassination attacks on Experimental units or other high-value targets. Releasing a powerful psychic blast upon death it creates an entropic field that ages anything within the blast radius to destruction. Ineffective against psy-shielded Command units but devastating to most other forces.

Name pending: Anti-biological mobile defense. Squid-like creature which sprays a bizarre biochemical agent that converts all organic matter it touches to metal elements or compounds, essentially turning biological units into processable chunks of mass; no method of countering this agent has been developed but it tends to be slow to react. Useless against mechanical units due to them already being made of metal.


Tech 1Edit

Buzzard: Scout. Small many-winged creature with no offensive ability and no protection, relies on its considerable agility to dodge enemy fire and possesses only simple electromagnetic sensors and receptor eyes as detection methods.

Wingblade: Interceptor. Flies at extreme speed and rams aircraft with its hardened front horn.

Reaver (Tech 1 Support Bomber): Dropping payloads of highly corrosive acid onto targets below the Reaver is great for destroying low end enemy ground units.

Tech 2Edit

Needler (Tech 2 Gunship): Armed with a rapid fire barb shooter. While its armoured underbelly makes it resilient to ground-based AA this hovering Bug is vulnerable against air-to-air fire.

name pending (Tech 2 Attack Bomber): Drops volleys of explosive seed pods, wiping out enemy ground units below. This creature's strength lies in its thick chitin armour plating as it lacks the speed of other bombers.

Tech 3Edit

Name pending (T3 Support Bomber): similar to the T3 Support Crawler, but airborne. Drops payloads of a bizarre biochemical agent that converts all organic matter it touches to metal elements or compunds, essentially turning biological units into processable chunks of mass; no method of countering this agent has been developed. Useless against mechanical units.


Tech 1Edit

Tech 2Edit

Tech 3Edit


Hive Queen: Command unit. Several breeds have been employed; most though not all are crab-like quadrapeds. Each Hive Queen is symbiotic in nature, with a Brain creature permanently attached inside its body and processing telepathic information sent by units, allowing the Queen's own brain to focus on strategy and controlling the body. Hive Queens are extremely resilient, Psy-shielded and can evolve themselves in the field; though they tend to lack effective ranged weapons their massive limbs and considerable strength allow them to pummel units of equivalent or even somewhat greater size easily.


Tarrasque: A highly resilient creature with incredible self-healing ability, but just as dangerous to allies as to enemies.